Filipino Dating Culture - The Comparison of The Old and The New Tradition

Back in the old days, Filipino dating culture was very predictable. Showing interest in a Filipino lady was made public by visiting the woman at her home. He could serenade her on any given night or when the moon was full for a more romantic touch.  It was either alone or with friends. The man had to win the favor of the woman and her family before he could visit the woman in her home.

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Rivalry was very civil that sometimes both men would visit at the same time. It was prim and proper for the Filipina to entertain who came first and always made sure to give enough time for the one who came in last. Walks at the parks or beach were mostly what made a typical date out during those times and a chaperon was a must.  

Today, dating has evolved and somehow has been influenced by the culture of the west. The Filipino dating culture now has lots of facets. Serenading has vanished, in urban areas at least, the dating customs has taken diverse applications. Dating has now become a fad. Public displays of affection are acceptable norms.  With the rise of mobile phones and the creation of the internet, romance can develop from a brief courtship.

Loyalty, commitment accompanied with trust, and open communication play an integral part for a Filipino romance to be successful. Filipinas are intensely loyal and sensitive to their partners. The Filipino women also reassurance and emotional security from their partners to make their relationship more fulfilling. As long as these components are present in the relationship, then the relationship will have that a lasting bond.

Considering the close knit family ties of the Filipino culture, approval of the parents make the relationship worthwhile. It will make your bond stronger as partners since it will mean less stress on the relationship especially if the woman, though she may already be a young adult, still lives with the parents.  Despite the radical changes of Filipino dating culture, the family of the Filipina woman especially the parents still has a say in the end.